Ever wonder what kinds of work our IH Heroes do? Well, here's your chance to join one of them during an emergency call to a refinery. Earn your Hero Gear to become an IH Hero!

Along the way, you'll learn about the five core tenants of industrial hygiene and occupational health and safety science: Anticipate, Recognize, Evaluate, Control, and Confirm (ARECC).

Have you got what it takes to get the gear and save the city? Download the game now, and let's find out!


  1. Download the IHHeroes zip file using a right-click "Save link as...".

  2. Open the IHHeroes folder.

  3. Click "Launch_Offline."

  4. If using a Windows device, select "More Info" and "Run Anyway."

  5. The game runs using your Internet browser (but does not need to be connected to the Internet). It may reset your browser; click "Restore" if a message appears.

  6. Click the play button or "ENTER."

  7. Post your success/failure on social media using #IHHeroes!

Average game run time: 7-10 minutes.

Difficulty: Ages 10+

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IH Heroes Comics

Saving a refinery from destruction is just one way that OEHS professionals can keep their communities safe. Learn more about our IH Heroes and join them as they unravel a mystery plaguing a small island, protect a pristine mountain wilderness from damaging chemicals following a train wreck, and battle a “paranormal encounter.”