IH Heroes: Unsung Heroes, Uncommon Pathways

Meet eight heroes changing lives every day in their workplaces and communities. Discover the vast and rewarding career paths of occupational and environmental health and safety science professionals!

IH Heroes Tales from the Field: The Human Factor

Join Rebecca, an IH Hero Professional, as she unravels a mystery plaguing a small island. Flown in right after her vacation, she arrives at a remote island recently devastated by massive flooding. But it's not the flood recovery she was called in for—there's a mysterious skin plague that is slowly spreading in the main refugee camp. Can her problem-solving skills as an epidemiologist save the day?

IH Heroes Tales from the Field: On the Fly

Marcus, an IH Hero Young Professional, is an avid drone racer. During a recent competition, an emergency call comes in: a train carrying hazardous chemicals has derailed and threatens to damage a pristine mountain wilderness. Can Marcus find a way to use technology to eliminate the danger? How quickly can Marcus adjust to changing conditions to save the day?

IH Heroes Tales from the Field: Ghostly Inspiration

Jordan, an IH Hero Student, had quite a "paranormal encounter" while attending college. Her experience—and how she resolved it, resulting in saved lives—prompted a career change. Now she shares her story with her niece and nephew as they struggle to decide what hero to dress up as for a school party.

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